Use Cases: Private Banking, Crime and Army


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Here they are, use cases with clearly derived added value. They have one thing in common: all of them prove, how easy it is, to use our products and how they deliver immediate benefit and great experience to your employees, partners and clients.

The Human Factor

Relationship Management in Private Banking is very intensive, products are complex and granting highest confidentiality and security is required. This use case shows, how our products serve for personalized interaction. This, by the relationship manager with his private- or  global custody clients (B2C), intermediaries including their clients (B2B) - and always supported by expertise of other employees (B2E).

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Concerted Actions

Crime Fighting today: More than ever before, journalists, politicians, police, intelligence services and justice departments are required to fight against money laundering and financing/recruiting/planning of other criminal intents in a collective, global and agile way.

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A Threat Scenario

Uncertain times in politics and economy create rapidly changing challenges, even for large and complex organizations such as corporations and institutions. Despite inevitably rigid organizational forms and hierarchies, agility and efficient and short-term management are required to make organizational models more flexible at every level.

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Social Toolset

Our products combine visualization with communication and interaction. They foster networking and enable working most efficiently in any agile enterprise or community: Social Toolset bundles these solutions.

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