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All is One 2.0 - Premium Edition

Our All is One 2.0 Portal integrates all units of your enterprise on one single platform

Meta Search Search within structures, communities, members and content
B2x Portal Architecture Integration of external stakeholders like partners (B2B) and customers (B2C) creates new ways to cooperate and new distribution channels
Single Sign on (SSO) Open your enterprise in a secure way with SSO
Consistent Corporate Culture Across the enterprise, consistency in values, policies, processes and quality standards
Globalized Global and local content/languages
Social Graph 2.0 Link to Social Graph 2.0 : Interaction and Visualization for all portals, dimension, friends and public social media
Central Personal Profile Not only employers, but also for direct contacts within partners or customers
Social Networking Social networking across the enterprise - with customers, providers and partners
Closed User Groups Collaboration and cooperation - with partners in closed user groups
BPM (Business Process Management) and Workflows Automated workflow for portal content (documents, cms-content, applications) 
CMS (Content Management Systems) Easy publishing and managing of information for all stakeholders
Agile IT Interchangeability of components in agile portal environment.
Integrated Applications Integration of your operational applications in the new portal by SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and commonly used web technologies
Access Permission System Granular, role based permissions on all levels for specific units, communities, files, content and applications
Integration Integration of Standard Portal Technology in existing IT landscape (Open Source as well!)
Server side processing Implementation of server side processing for  more reliability, scalability (and to run multi instances as well)
Servlet Container Tomcat, Jetty or Resin for faster web page creation
Open Social Gadgets Supporting OpenSocial 1.1 - other web based functionality for your websites
IFraming Using iFrames to integrate grown Legacy Applications