Powerful features for your profile! Powerful features for your profile!

Your multi-faceted profile


Contact information Everything necessary to stay in contact with people - including public social networks
Biography Attach your CV as PDF
Skills List your skills
Functional description by role What role you are playing in the portal, dimension and organization
Personal documents Other documents e.g. working papers, personal notes, but also content to be shared.
About me More about you - list your hobbies, personal interests and more
Current location To be displayed in a Google Maps view
Feature Description
Social Graph 2.0 Link to Social Graph 2.0 - visualization of and interaction with your personal network
Friendships Relations outside any lines and projects
Public Social Networks Participation in popular networks such as LinkedIn, Xing, Google+ and more
People research Find the best appropriate internal or external person based on interests, skills, project-/ department- or company-association.
Charts Organization charts in many ways 
Feature Description
News Flash Share what happens, what's interesting and what's hot
Video Call Thanks to Skype integration, you'll benefit from emotional aspects of video conferencing.
Instant Messenger Brief, short exchange, used for internal messages to friends for example.
Personal Wall Commonly used place to share and express your thoughts
Feature Description
Calendar / Availability Public and private appointments at a glance
Blog Benefit from your blogposts by feedbacks
DMS Document Management System
WCMS Web Content Management System
RSS/Mail Subscriptions Subscriptions to social networking content (e.g. Messageboards, Blogs, ...)