Extensive features for online collaboration Extensive features for online collaboration

Benefit from knowledge potential.


Feature Description
Document Management System (DMS) Common library for topic-oriented resources
Activities Showing progress, optimal coordination
Messageboards Sharing knowledge, deepening relations, empowering productivity
Calendar Common Calendar with important events and milestones. Activity Log helps monitoring the "to do's".
Feature Description
Wiki For ongoing creation and enhancement of topic-oriented content, policies, concepts
Library (DMS) Published Articles, own articles
News e.g. via RSS feeds
Feature Description
Video Conference Automatic participant call, easy way to add and delete participants
News Specific topics of the organization / community
Messenger Coordination of agile actions with dependencies
Feature Description
Open Communities/Organizations Suitable for Web 2.0 Paradigma, standing for a most possible open and transparent empowerment of topic oriented innovation.
Closed Organizations Suitable for a discrete internal collaboration (e.g. management committees). Appropriate handling of confidential documents, restrictive projects and partner-/customer relations with a private understanding of their structure and mutual connection.
Search Fully featured research, includes handling of open and closed structures
Organizational Charts Generation of multi-dimensional and hierarchical charts - also for  Matrix Organizations
Units Creation of fixed or temporary units, e.g.project, task force