B2C - B2C - Private Clients


B2C : Business with Private Clients

This dimension represents a private bank's classic business with individuals. It includes the management of Clients, Leads and Prospects. 

Relationship Managers (RM) cares for clients, leads and prospects. RM's services and individuals are bundled by a personal organization unit, categorized with "RM Service". It also includes the deputy relationship manager.



Relationship Manager Service Unit (RM Service)

Explore RM Service organizations.

Europe (good starting point, only a few clients), 

Page of Frank Frankfurter's Service Unit

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This use case concentrates to the region Switzerland.

Personal Profile Page, Urs Schweizer

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Page of Urs Schweizer's Service Unit 

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Region Head Organization

There are 5 world regions, subordinated to the Executive Board. Explore!

Europe (good starting point, only a few clients)

Region Head's organization unit, Region Europe 

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Region Head Gian Rapone's Page (Switzerland)

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Region Head's organization unit, Region Switzerland 

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Management View

Segment Private Banking

All leads/prospects/clients.

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Particular category elements with its corresponding individuals

Size: Segment Ultra high net worth individual 

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Journey: Leads

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Client profile page

Edi Buehler, Glarus 

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Lead profile page

Martha Herger, Altdorf 

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Categories in this dimension

  • Mandate
  • Journey
  • Region
  • Size
  • Segment
  • RM Service


What is meant by dimensions?

  • B2E: organization structure from internal perspective, Intranet
  • B2C: Private clients, Internet
  • B2B: Partner network (intermediaries, global custody services), Extranet