Use Case Crime

Investigation, Fighting and Visualization

Crime Fighting today: More than ever before, journalist, politicians, police, intelligence services and justice departments are required to fight against the financing, recruiting and planning of criminal intends in a collective, global and agile way. We provide tight networking and direct agile interaction for investigations, fighting and presentation of complex criminal organization structures, as well.

Our products combine visualization with communication and interaction. They foster networking and enable working most efficiently in any agile enterprise or community: Social Toolset bundles these solutions.


Social Graph / Restricted Demo Mode

  • Opening profile pages (individuals and organizations) has been disabled
  • Works with a contextual preset

Social Graph

Social Map

 User  Organization

How to use

Discover features and explore data: 

  •   Info buttons on the top of the apps provide help on using
  • Buttons below provide shortcuts to actions, regular reachable by context menu or information pane
  • Get node information: click on node
  • Context Menu: mouse right click opens menu with features suitable to current node context

Play with us!

 Data Digging

Get more insights by digging. Each taxonomy (e.g. "Recruitement") is now open for exploration: just click button below and you get all items within the same category. Combine graphs that way and you will dig up values never easier than before.

Merging Graphs

Merge any full graph of individuals or organizations to the current visualization. Context menu provides beside merging, graph view in a separate tab view.