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Business Integration Suites

B2x in a consistent way, with the Social Networking Portlet Sets Who is Who 2.0 and Yes we Know 2.0 which are integrated into the Social Business Portal All is One 2.0.

All Enterprise Know How portals are configured to allow communication with Customers (B2C), Partners (B2B) and Employees (B2E). Features include sophisticated member profiling for efficient targeting, enhancements for collaboration and cooperation with customers and providers/partners.

Portlets based on Liferay 6.0 - ask for more information.

All is One 2.0 - The fully integrated Social Business Portal

All is One 2.0 integrates all aspects of your Enterprise on one single platform, everything needed for collaboration and cooperation, social networking and profiling: across your enterprise!

The integration of your existing applications and processes, Single Sign On (SSO) and much more: everything well established and from one supplier.

By the use of B2x portal architecture, external stakeholders like partners (B2B) and customers (B2C) will be integrated in the very best way. Thus enabling the creation of new perspectives and distribution channels.

Meta Search Search within structures, communities, members and content
B2x Portal Architecture Integration of external stakeholders like partners (B2B) and customers (B2C) creates new ways to cooperate and new distribution channels
Single Sign on (SSO) Open your enterprise in a secure way with SSO
Consistent Corporate Culture Across the enterprise, consistency in values, policies, processes and quality standards
Globalized Global and local content/languages
Social Graph 2.0 Link to Social Graph 2.0 : Interaction and Visualization for all portals, dimension, friends and public social media
Central Personal Profile Not only employers, but also for direct contacts within partners or customers
Social Networking Social networking across the enterprise - with customers, providers and partners
Closed User Groups Collaboration and cooperation - with partners in closed user groups
BPM (Business Process Management) and Workflows Automated workflow for portal content (documents, cms-content, applications) 
CMS (Content Management Systems) Easy publishing and managing of information for all stakeholders
Agile IT Interchangeability of components in agile portal environment.
Integrated Applications Integration of your operational applications in the new portal by SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and commonly used web technologies
Access Permission System Granular, role based permissions on all levels for specific units, communities, files, content and applications
Integration Integration of Standard Portal Technology in existing IT landscape (Open Source as well!)
Server side processing Implementation of server side processing for  more reliability, scalability (and to run multi instances as well)
Servlet Container Tomcat, Jetty or Resin for faster web page creation
Open Social Gadgets Supporting OpenSocial 1.1 - other web based functionality for your websites
IFraming Using iFrames to integrate grown Legacy Applications

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Yes we Know 2.0 - Topic oriented B2x Collaboration

Bundle and share knowledge, practise focussed online collaboration.

Benefit from potential: Take full advantage of team potential with the help of Yes we Know 2.0. Define all types of organizational structures: starting from flat communities, ending with hierarchical or multi-dimensional structures.

Features for all levels: We developed many extra features to Yes we Know 2.0 - to empower individuals, but also to improve efficient and productive team collaboration.

Feature Description
Document Management System (DMS) Common library for topic-oriented resources
Activities Showing progress, optimal coordination
Messageboards Sharing knowledge, deepening relations, empowering productivity
Calendar Common Calendar with important events and milestones. Activity Log helps monitoring the "to do's".
Feature Description
Wiki For ongoing creation and enhancement of topic-oriented content, policies, concepts
Library (DMS) Published Articles, own articles
News e.g. via RSS feeds
Feature Description
Video Conference Automatic participant call, easy way to add and delete participants
News Specific topics of the organization / community
Messenger Coordination of agile actions with dependencies
Feature Description
Open Communities/Organizations Suitable for Web 2.0 Paradigma, standing for a most possible open and transparent empowerment of topic oriented innovation.
Closed Organizations Suitable for a discrete internal collaboration (e.g. management committees). Appropriate handling of confidential documents, restrictive projects and partner-/customer relations with a private understanding of their structure and mutual connection.
Search Fully featured research, includes handling of open and closed structures
Organizational Charts Generation of multi-dimensional and hierarchical charts - also for  Matrix Organizations
Units Creation of fixed or temporary units, e.g.project, task force



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Who is Who 2.0 - The Dynamic Member Directory

Find the person you really want - introduce yourself and take a look at the other person's multi-dimensional roles.

Multi-faceted: Create a rich personal profile with Who is Who 2.0! Build relations without regard to fixed line-organizations. Reflecting the virtual and Social World!

The comprehensive profile is fully searchable. Therefore, when researching partners, very good results are achieved. 

Instant Access: We included a lot of additional features in Who is Who 2.0. Improving communication, supporting handling of personal documents, boosting social expression to enable you to interact with your network visually in Social Graph 2.0.

Contact information Everything necessary to stay in contact with people - including public social networks
Biography Attach your CV as PDF
Skills List your skills
Functional description by role What role you are playing in the portal, dimension and organization
Personal documents Other documents e.g. working papers, personal notes, but also content to be shared.
About me More about you - list your hobbies, personal interests and more
Current location To be displayed in a Google Maps view
Feature Description
Social Graph 2.0 Link to Social Graph 2.0 - visualization of and interaction with your personal network
Friendships Relations outside any lines and projects
Public Social Networks Participation in popular networks such as LinkedIn, Xing, Google+ and more
People research Find the best appropriate internal or external person based on interests, skills, project-/ department- or company-association.
Charts Organization charts in many ways 
Feature Description
News Flash Share what happens, what's interesting and what's hot
Video Call Thanks to Skype integration, you'll benefit from emotional aspects of video conferencing.
Instant Messenger Brief, short exchange, used for internal messages to friends for example.
Personal Wall Commonly used place to share and express your thoughts
Feature Description
Calendar / Availability Public and private appointments at a glance
Blog Benefit from your blogposts by feedbacks
DMS Document Management System
WCMS Web Content Management System
RSS/Mail Subscriptions Subscriptions to social networking content (e.g. Messageboards, Blogs, ...)



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