Use Case Army

Building an Ad Hoc Combat Group

Uncertain times in politics and economy create rapidly changing challenges, even for large and complex organizations such as corporations and institutions. Despite inevitably rigid organizational forms and hierarchies, agility and efficient and short-term management are required to make organizational models more flexible at every level.

The present use case shows a threat scenario that our solutions implement with adequate measures - the creation of an ad-hoc combat group, which in the case of a large company would probably be a task force.

Our products combine visualization with communication and interaction. They foster networking and enable working most efficiently in any agile enterprise or community: Social Toolset bundles these solutions.

Mission Combat Group ‘Bern’

  • Holds Bundesplatz with Government Building and National Bank
  • Supervises entry axis in Bernese region
  • Evacuates Federal Government in case of danger of preparatory terror attack based on psychological warfare
  • Moves to command bunker ‘Mountain’
  • Prepares conditional decisions in case of new secret service findings
  • Can require support of Air Force, Armored, Artillery and Ground troops from Operation command


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