B2B - B2B - Intermediaries & Global Custody


B2B : Intermediaries & Global Custody

This dimension provides business with intermediaries and global custody services.

Note: While Intermediaries are External Asset Managers (EAM) and External Financial Advisers (EFA), Global Custody is represented by Pension Funds.



Dimension B2E

Intermediaries & Global Custody

This organization unit is directly subordinated to the Executive Board.

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Zurich 1

Is a subregion of "German-speaking CH & Global Custody".

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Dimension B2B

German-speaking CH & Global Custody

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RM = Relationship Manager

Dimension B2B

Here, you will find two Relationship Managers, associated to the subregion "Zurich 1".

Each one is represented by a Service Organization (categorized by RM Service), including a deputy and partners being served:

Service Organization of Peter Zuerrer 

Visit Peter Zuerrer's Service Organization. Intermediaries, he cares, are technically maintained as suborganizations.

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Ingrid Imhof's Service Organization

Mrs. Imhof is Mr. Zuerrer's deputy.

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Dimension B2B

Partner Information Pages

Each partner has a profile page. On this page, the relationship manager finds insights about this partner, containing most up-to-date reports and a scheduler.

Note: In an operational system, partners would have access to a private page, available by a personal login. Furthermore, access rights depend on the role, individuals are playing. This has also not been implemented in this demo system. 


External Asset Manager

Partner : Solid Return AG

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Solid Return AG's Client: Fred Fitzpatrick

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External Financial Advisor

Partner : Swiss Advisory Center 

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What is meant by dimensions?

  • B2E: organization structure from internal perspective, Intranet
  • B2C: Private clients, Internet
  • B2B: Partner network (intermediaries, global custody services), Extranet 

Categories in this dimension

Organization units are categorized in the following way:

  • Region
  • RM Service
  • Intermediary
  • Global Custody
  • External Asset Manager
  • External Financial Advisor