Use Case Digital Alliance

Achieve objectives by close collaboration

Social Toolset provides optimal communication and diversified  collaboration for your alliance and all stakeholders including communities and organizations.

The high level of multidimensional connectivity is visualized by an interactive graph.

Benefit from instant access to features for communication, collaboration and information management. The digital platform is being used internally (=private, protected) and externally (public) at the same time.

You can benefit from an exclusive digital platform with high effectivity for your alliance.


  • Multidimensional connection of members within work groups

  • Selective integration of collaboration features like Video call, Blog, Forum, Wiki, Calendar, White Board

  • Recent press articles and documents

  • Poll/Voting mainly for DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organization


Alliance IPAC vs China's Politics

The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China is an international cross-party group of legislators working towards reform on how democratic countries approach China.

It is made up of global legislators and led by a group of co-chairs, who are senior politicians drawn from a representative cross-section of the world’s major political parties.


  • Democratic states must maintain the integrity of their political systems, and actively seek to preserve a marketplace of ideas free from distortion.

  • A free, open, and rules-based international order that supports human dignity is created and maintained through intention. The persistence of such an order requires like-minded countries to participate actively in its governance and enforcement.

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