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Pandemic Ecosystem & Network

Use Case PEN by innovative product Social Toolset consists of sustainable improvement of scientific analysis, political measures, implementation by authorities and consistent media reporting capabilities. The integrative and agile embedding in a worldwide leading Digital Experience Platform (DXP) can cope with dynamically changing epidemiological, economic and social development of the situation.

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Analysis of the Population
  • Immediate networking of involved institutions and persons for analysis, decision-finding and implementation.
  • Given unlimited multi-dimensionality in structuring relevant facts.
  • Extension of standardized reporting workflow resulting in centralized data storage.
  • Centralized database at health ministry level by direct decentralized registration, online sourcing (OCR support) or interface transfer (API, file) from subordinated regions in standardized structures. All over reporting and media dispersion in real time.
  • Investigation and tracing of precise facts about who was infected where (hotspots) and how (environment) also by regional threshold alerts to interrupt infection chains.
  • Exchange between Government, Parliament, Regional Authorities, Political Parties, Social Partners and Associations.
  • Intensified communication from politics, authorities and expert communities enable by direct networks faster decision-making and timely implementation like immediate funding.
  • The better we know the virus and vulnerability of humans the tightly focused measures are achievable.
  • Without pandemic pattern and miracle cure, the measurement of efficiency of ordered actions and adaptation of human behaviour remains challenging.

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