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Use Case Private Banking

Digital, Personal & Agile  : What Else?



This Use Case targets Private Banking and consists of the following dimensions:

  • Internal Organization and Projects : B2E
  • Business with Private Clients : B2C
  • Business with Intermediaries, Global Custody : B2B

B2C & B2B interoperate with B2E the multidimensional way.


The role of our products at the Center of your Digital Workplace

Our products (refer to Social Toolset) are serving as:

  • Multidimensional visual navigator by people, agile organization structures of any type and their relationships
  • Central point for interaction and communication
  • Bridge between players within all dimensions


The benefits

Our products are designed to improve networking, foster collaboration, streamline digital experience, get insights, implement agility from the real world, bring clients closer to people they interact with and more!

Existing applications like phonebook, line, project, business area or cost center organization charts can be decommissioned and aligned.

Communication means like Skype for business, Cisco Jabber are directly integrated.

CRM systems are completed or integrated in B2C/B2B.


How the implementation is done

This page is the entry point to the three parts - B2E for employees by intranet-, B2C for all client segments by internet- and B2B for partners by extranet-access.

Each part consists of typical organization units and their members. Each of them has its own page.

There is a classification system to support understanding, orientation and data digging. Thus, organization nodes are attached to categories derived from the classification system.

There are stories we are telling, in each part. The stories - we call them scenarios - provide page links to typical situations. Our products are embedded in these pages. Buttons provide actions to featured requests. They act as shortcuts for actions contained in context menus.


How to discover this Use Case

Dive into each part, follow the stories, click the buttons to get insights instantly. It is as simple as it sounds.



Interaction in Social Graph provides digital customer experience

In steady competition for a USP, situation appropriate expert participation in a personalized digital client experience offers the decisive differentiation. Social Graph serves as platform for direct interaction focussing on client centricity!

Provider like Avaloq or Crealogix deliver the infrastructure by APIs within their Open Banking philosophy to enable niche players like Enterprise Know How AG to offer add-on tools to banks for their own customer service optimization. Data sovereignty is guaranteed by access restrictions and no export to third parties.

All toolset benefits are not limited to B2C Client- and B2B Partner-Relations but also allow line independent agile bundling of resources within internal (B2E) multidimensional networks.

The sustainable digital experience represents a giant step in the strategic business, if not even the business model.

Read complete article "The Digital Customer Experience via Open Banking APIs: Interaction in Social Graph!"


Apps by Enterprise Know How AG, contained in Social Toolset:

  • Agile Org Designer: Assists you to design different organization models such as Line, Project, Matrix, Adhocracy, Holacracy, Meritocracy and flat community.
  • Social Graph: Social Graph provides an overview of your business network. Recognize relationships and benefit from instant access and direct interaction. Social Graph fosters networking and enables working most efficiently in any agile enterprise or community.
  • Social Map: Organizations and users come straight to the point with Social Map. This app is based on Google Maps and provides tailor-made maps for organization and user pages, adds direct interaction and geographic representation of Social Graph nodes.



What is meant by dimensions?

  • B2E: organization structure from internal perspective, Intranet
  • B2C: Private clients, Internet
  • B2B: Partner network (intermediaries, global custody services), Extranet