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Here they are, use cases with added value by using our innovative software Social Toolset. They have one thing in common: All of them prove, how easy it is, to use our products and how they deliver immediate benefit and great experience to your employees, partners and clients.

Master today's and future challenges by an integrative and agile embedding in a worldwide leading Digital Experience Platform (DXP).


Direct Access

The Human Factor

Relationship Management in Private Banking is very intensive, products are complex and granting highest confidentiality and security is required. This use case shows, how our products serve for personalized interaction. This, by the relationship manager with his private- or  global custody clients (B2C), intermediaries including their clients (B2B) - and always supported by expertise of other employees (B2E).

Concerted Actions

Fighting against money laundering exemplified by the Panama Papers. Financing/recruiting/planning of terrorism/cybercrime like Berlin Truck Attack in a global and agile cooperation of institutions.

Powerful Answer to COVID-19

Effectively counter a pandemic like Corona: Sustainable improvement of scientific analysis, political measures, implementation by authorities and consistent media reporting capabilities.

Learn how to cope with dynamically changing epidemiological, economic and social development of the situation.

A Threat Scenario

Beyond hierarchies, agility, efficient and short-term management are required to make organizational models more flexible at every level. Explore an example of all over visualization of complex structures and different characteristics as well.

Political Crisis

The Austrian “Ibiza Affair#ibizagate” caused international attention and had serious impacts to Austrian government. Explore respective relationships and the evolution of this political crisis.

Achieve objectives by close collaboration

Apart from objectives and program topics of political parties we take notice of politically independent alliances for specific requirements. This use case deals with an international community to prevent China politics from current behaviour such as ignoring human rights.
Topic oriented party independent communities.


Current Topics

Metaverse: Ready for Take Off?

Metaverse is yet to come, join us for the evolutionary way – we’re bridging. Social Toolset helps you to manage transition towards Web 3.0 by realizing a temporary Mixed Reality. Find out each dimension’s benefits.

Bankable Assets

Whether for Open Banking or core banking integration, network presentation will be extended from customer view to Portfolios, Bankable Assets, Investment Strategy, Asset Allocation and Recommendation List. Support of Onboarding process for bank transfer orders between ecosystem participants.

New Market Entrants

Support of new market entrants with digitally enabled disruptive business models. Whether separate Digital Bank Units of traditional licensed banks, Digital Banks Only or Fintechs intending to submit bank license request.

Customer-oriented Interaction

Concerted efforts to promote Open Banking beyond PSD2 is a great opportunity for the Digital Client Experience in open ecosystems including relationship management and providing efficient communication and customer-oriented interaction.

Manage the Labyrinth

Consolidation of different workspaces like MS Sharepoint, Teams, HCL Connections and Active Directory data on one single Enterprise Hub. Gives users direct access to workspaces and their assets and immediate community interaction. Reveals  duplicates and coordination need to management and administrators.

Personal or Common Devices

Visualize personal or common device networks with classification, location and notification. It also provides interaction and individual alert to authorized persons or institutions.

Behaviour, Relevance

Analysis of behaviour/relevance  of communication to push product & service campaigns based on preferences. Visualization of haves and needs by matching and relevance.  Perfect for successful team setup or to identify hidden decision makers and influencers.


Our Solution

Social Toolset

Our products combine visualization with communication and interaction. They foster networking and enable working most efficiently in any agile enterprise or community: Social Toolset bundles these solutions.

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