Tasks / Try out

Action 1

Send a mail to another employee

  • Click on any node of your choice.
  • Information pane on the top of Social Graph app will be refreshed.
  • Click on the mail address on the right side. your mail client (e.g. Outlook) pops up with a prepared message.

Action 2

Show location of an organization or employee

  • In the graph, click on any node of your choice.
  • Information pane on the top of Social Graph app will be refreshed.
  • Click on address, page scrolls down automatically, viewport will center to the given location.

Note: A location marker is represented by the profile image. If a location is shared, then, a + symbol will be displayed, instead of the profile image. A click on that + symbol, opens the marker as a spider net and all elements pops up.


Action 3

Team conference

Select individuals for a skype team conference!

  • Click on any individual.
  • Click on the star symbol, displayed within the profile image. You will notice, the selection pane appears on the top of Social Graph, containing all elements you selected.
  • Repeat steps above, until the selection has been completed.
  • Click button Skype Conference (or mail button as alternative) to address the selection as group and to establish the conference call.



Social Graph

Social Map

 User  Organization

Page Information

Dies ist die Profilseite eines Benutzers. Andere Benutzer informieren sich über eine Person über dessen Profilseite (analog anderer sozialen Netzwerke). Der Benutzer verfügt in aller Regel auch über eine private Seite, die als Dashboard bezeichnet und nur durch ihn selbst benutzt wird.

Social Graph zeigt alle Organisationen und Communities an, zu welchen die Person eine Beziehung in Form einer Mitgliedschaft hat.  Andere Mitglieder dieser Organisationen und Communities werden mitangezeigt. 

Organisationen können zweistufig klassifiziert werden. Während die erste Stufe (schwarzer Hintergrund) die Dimension beinhaltet (z.B. "B2E"), zeigt die zweite (grauer Hintergrund) eine Kategorie daraus an.

Social Graph, eingebettet auf privaten Dashboard-Seiten, zeigt zusätzlich Freundschaften (in neueren Liferay-Versionen Connections bzw. Verbindungen) an.


Social Map zeigt die Standorte der Knoten an.



Using our apps

  • Social Graph 
    • Click on a user or organization node, to get detail information.
    • Menu with node actions
      • Click on the menu icon  on the right side, to display the action menu.
      • Right click opens context menu, select from provided actions.
    • Opening another user's or organization's profile page:
      • Double click on node.
      • Select action from context menu.
      • Click on image in the information pane.
  • Social Map
    • Click on location to get detail information.
    • Select action from address list (on the bottom of Social Map).
  • All apps: Click Help Button   to get more instructions.


  • Graph: Social Graph displays a network graph containing nodes and edges being connected.
  • Node: An individual, an organization, a community or a category on the graph.
  • Edge: Nodes are connected by edges. An edge represents a relationship (affiliation) between two nodes. Edges may be labelled with the type of relationship (e.g. a role name for an individual, or the direction of ordination between organization units).
  • Loose and tight affiliations: Edges between organizations may have a solid (=tight affiliation) or dotted (=loose affiliation) line stroke. Tight affiliations are regulary top/down hierarchical constructs while loose affiliations, known as Dotted Line, represents agile constructs with - for example - having undirected connections, or multiple parental elements. For a better understanding, we recommend to visit Social Graph's product page and the Use Case Army page, containing a video.
  • Categories: Organization nodes are categorized by two levels. 1st level is the dimension (B2E, B2B or B2C), 2nd level is the subordinated category. 1st level categories are labelled with black background, while 2nd level categories are displayed with a grey background.